At Intermatic we pride ourselves on quality products and excellent customer service. We can say this with confidence, and so can our customers!
"Today I called 815-576-5700 with questions about which replacement wall switch timer would be best to replace my dead timer. I spoke with what sounded like a middle-aged guy, didn't catch his name, but he was wonderful. He asked for the model number of the old timer. I didn't know, but I told him it took an AA battery and now it read "NOOP" and didn't work with a fresh battery either. He immediately knew the model number and which model I should replace it with. He was amazing. I told him I wished the guy at Lowe's had been half as knowledgeable as him. He told me he worked at Motorola for 20 years before working for you. You need to keep this guy as long as possible, and make sure he trains others to provide such excellent customer service. I have never spoken with any customer service rep as well-informed about their products as this man. Track him down and give him a huge raise!!"
Kathy F.
Memphis, Tennessee
"Just a short note to say I love your products. I replaced the wall switch for my front porch light at my very first apartment back in '72 so the light would be on when I came home from work. When I moved, I removed that in-wall timer and installed it at my next apartment....and the next. (Thank goodness my beloved Dad taught his daughters some basics about wiring and electricity.) I gave one to my sister and helped her install it back then, too, and she's still using that same old-model at her home.

When I got married and we moved into our first "real house" we installed more timers and we continue to use them to give outside light after darkness and also to give that "lived-in" look on interior ceiling lights when we are traveling. Over the years the products got more sophisticated and in some ways more complicated, but they have always been dependable. I like the battery backup for remembering the programs even when the electricity fails...that continues to be one of your best improvements in my opinion."
Susan O'Neill
"Wow--quick and super service!! What an outstanding combination!! I am impressed as we seem to be in the age of dying customer service--your response definitely encourages my repeat business!! Thanks for caring!!

I am using the timer as we have a rash of home invasions--in the night when people are in their homes sleeping so you are a 'life saver' too!"
Martha Jane Anderson Beach
Edmore, MI
"I thought your phone person was very pleasant to talk to and discuss which product I would need. While your company was prompt in sending the new timer, my husband has been too busy to do the installation. He has an engineering base and likes doing these types of repairs. So, we both will have to wait for the results. I enjoyed the way your company operates."
Gloria Andrew
"I have experienced not only quality products from Intermatic, but more important, and exceptional level of service from one of your direct reports. Over the last month I have been in direct contact with a member of your staff regarding your Intouch Z-Wave home automation product for which is no longer being produced. Although Intermatic is not involved with the product any longer, the commitment to supporting it from a technical assistance point of view is greatly appreciated. Specifically focusing on your staff member I found his level of service to be outstanding in the fact that he continually set the proper expectations with me, as well as always followed through with respect to exchange of information following his research into problem resolution strategies.

I commend you as managers for putting together a successful team. Its obvious why Intermatic products have a good reputation. The talent within the organization is responsible for that.

Thanks again for the support!
Scott Axelrod
Scottsdale, AZ