Product Recall Information

  • DT17 Heavy Duty Digital Timer

Timers with date codes '40Z' through '52Z' or date codes ending in 'A,' 'B,' or 'C' are affected.

Call 800-704-3595 for more information.

  • DT27 Heavy Duty Digital Timer
  • Time All™ Digital Lamp and Appliance Self-Adjusting Timer

Only timers with the 04B manufacturing code are affected.

Call 815-675-7500 for more information.

  • ST01 Consumer In Wall Timer
  • EI600 Industrial In Wall Timer

Timers with date codes ending in "B", "01C", "02C", or "03C" are affected.  If your timer is installed and does not have a date code on the inside of the front door, it is also affected.

Call 877-417-4316 for more information.