ET90000 Mobile App

Check the status of your circuits in real-time with the ET90000 Mobile App.

The ET90000 Mobile App enables you to check the status of your circuits in real-time. The remote override feature conveniently allows you to make quick changes to currently-running schedules.

Interface to all 16 circuits of the ET90000 to turn on interior and exterior building lights, parking lot lights and ringing bells for schools just to name a few examples.

Click here to download the app from Google play

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VPN Disclaimer: The ET90000 Mobile Application is optimized to operate within the Local Area Network in which the ET90000 is connected. In order to access the ET90000 from outside your Local Area Network, please establish access to your network via a VPN before operating this app. Please contact your IT Department for further details.

View the mobile app video tutorial below or on YouTube:

ET90000 Mobile App interface

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